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Maternal grandfather of John, Dirk and Donald van Goozen

Born           -     March 20, 1847,  Leaton County, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents      -     Edward Lewes Cutts and Mariann Elizabeth Knight
Married      -     August 29, 1892, Emma Peacock (15-Oct-1850 -18-Nov-1916) at                         Islington, Middlesex.

They had 7 children, (the eldest  2 died March 6 and 14, 1892 at age 8 and 7 years)

Residence  -     Bushey Grove, Watford, England, until 1912, when he
                         retired and moved to Canada  on the Royal Mail Steamer "Virginian”                          March 1912  - Terra Cotta, Ontario, Georgetown, Ontario,  then with                          daughter F.M.(Molly)van Goozen
                         near Acton, Ontario until 1938

Died          -      August 20, 1938, near Acton, Ontario
Buried       -      Georgetown Cemetery, Georgetown

Education  -      Felstead School, Felstead, 1862 – 1865

Vocation    -      With his brother John Priston Cutts (2nd) they designed and                          supervised the construction of  46 churches and many other works                          in England and 1 church on Jersey Island, all between the years                          1873  and 1912.

                         Elected Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects – 1891

Compiled by D.E . van Goozen from family records