Welcome to vanGoozen.ca

There is much still to be done on this site. I am plugging away at it.

My idea is to create a few photo galleries about the van Goozen family. A page or more could be added for various family groupings, e.g. Jack v.G., his children and grandchildren, or the Dirk family or the Don family. Any one of you from any generation could have your own page(s) e.g. a Dale page.

The site could evolve to include histories, stories, transcriptions of newspaper clippings, etc. Uncle Don has contributed quite a bit. Click on Galleries above to see the galleries I have posted.

I would especially be interested in posting a gallery of older photos going back to Kees and Molly v.G.'s roots in Europe.

If any of you looking at this site have photos/images or stories that you would like to add, please contact me.

Paul van Goozen
Victoria BC  

Kee's barn